Have you ever wondered why some people struggle for years, while others get results... in months?

Hey there! I'm Elizabeth!

You feel ‘disconnected’. You are aware of the existence of intuition, but you are unsure whether you can trust it, or whether you have it.

Feeling stuck in a rut. You can’t seem to be able to break through repeating sabotaging patterns. It is exhausting and frustrating. Money, career, relationships, health, love.. You ask: “When is my turn?”

Feeling stuck in a rut, fed up by your inability to manifest significant results 

Unresolved past is weighing you down. You have done a lot of inner-work in the past yet, there is still something hindering your potential. You have had enough of trying to “fix yourself.”

let me guess...

Personally And Professionally, Feeling Disconnected, Unresolved Past Is Weighing You Down

Elizabeth has learned the secrets to creating the life you love. She has personally healed her body from a 15cm fibroid, baffling doctors and sailed through an operation to remove a 4.5cm brain tumour. She knows that life happens to you regardless of your creative ability and that you can take charge of how you live those experiences or you can be a victim to those circumstances.  

Elizabeth Elenor - A founder of The Spiritual Warrior and ‘Women of light’ helps people who feel stuck in a rut to step into their Creative Genius and produce unprecedented results personally and professionally.

Specialising for over 20 years in energy and healing transformation Elizabeth created her own education and methodology which have helped hundreds of people all around the world to reclaim their power and have it all with ease and grace.

Elizabeth’s numerous near death experiences and her unique ability to communicate with the world of faith and spirituality, all contributed to a birth of her passion to help humanity achieve higher states of consciousness evolution.

I'm Elizabeth and I'm so excited you are here!

Nodding your head? Read on!

You discovered the ability to create your deepest desires.

You live the life you truly love.

You wake up every morning, feeling alive, powerful and in flow with the life you choose to live.

The bondage of self-doubt, insecurity and powerlessness have just melted away somehow and you feel excited, confident and passionate about what the future holds for you and your family.

Imagine if…..

Most coaches, therapists and energy workers focus on resolving problems, revisiting traumas and many without facilitating tangible results. This reinforces focus on limitations.

My approach to personal, spiritual and intuitive development is the focus on Creative Orientation.

Over the years I developed powerful skills to clear the unconscious patterns of beliefs, behaviours and emotions, passed down from immediate family members in childhood, prior generations, and even past lives.

Are you ready to become the predominant 
In your life personally and professionally?

Creative Force

Let's Chat





Are you ready to become the predominant CREATIVE FORCE 
In your life personally and professionally?

"I had a very healing past regression session with Elizabeth a month ago. I had a big release of blocked energy and surprisingly an amount of laughter while I was moving through the healing. Elizabeth has a gentle, caring approach and I felt at ease with her to release what was coming up and in the manner that it presented itself.

Elizabeth is very intuitive and picked up on my energy accurately."

I had a big release of blocked energy

Brenda Gaynor

"Dreams do come true, after all the study, writing a book, creating an online course and finding and combining it with the breakthrough redox technology, I have now married it all together next six weeks. So exciting!

Thank you Superconscious for doing a massive change history and showing me the path!! We Power Potential!

Thank you for all the recodes! I now see they have worked!!"

Dreams do come true

Mandi Stevenson

You are powerful beyond measure. Are you ready to awaken to your creative genius?

You Are Not Broken.

Dissolve old structures of beliefs, behaviours and emotions

join today and get access to...

Conscious Creator Mastermind

let me introduce you to...

Transcend old identity by reconnecting with your true passion, purpose and heart. Are you ready to remember who you really are?

Shift your focus from problem-solving to creating what you love

Learn how to use your creative genius and experience the highest expression of your creative abilities.

Become the predominant creative force in your life

Learn new techniques to embed new decision making and aligned action taking guided by your unique co-creative genius. 

Realise your inner power like you haven’t yet before.

Build confidence, self-worth, and an empowered vision of your future.

Build confidence, self-worth, and an empowered vision of your future

Discover the ease that comes with dissolving old patterns, and naturally becoming YOU (maybe for the first time in your life!)


Become aware of what is holding you back and REALIZE your true human POTENTIAL in all areas of life: career, relationships, health, finances and more.

Have a crystal clear VISION, PASSION and PURPOSE and know exactly what steps to take towards experiencing your life to the fullest.

Experience and sustain a state of FLOW daily immersed in your creative genius and say goodbye to confusion, fatigue and frustration.

Discover and utilise your unique INTUITIVE guidance, working efficiently with powerful feminine and masculine qualities.

 is for you if you are ready to..

This is for me!

"Amazing session with Elizabeth today.

I met a being who gave me confidence, clarity and inner knowing. Thank you!"

Gave me confidence, clarity...

Stephanie Pinto

"Elizabeth is amazing.

 I recently did six sessions with Elizabeth firstly to better understand my intuition and guidance and what all the signs and messages meant and also to understand why I was blocking myself and what I could do to move forward. I had some pretty profound shifts and experiences through this period, as well as some personal aha moments.

 I am feeling so much more empowered, lighter and alive after these sessions - coming into my own creativity."

Some profound shifts

Denise Silk

In my over a decade of personal and professional development and working with women at all levels of leadership internationally I witnessed and studied many transformational modalities but Elizabeth’s education consisting of a combination of coaching, energy healing and intuitive development is one of the most leading edge techniques I have seen to date.

Working with Elizabeth I have experienced enormous support and fast paced growth personally and professionally while navigating some of the most challenging events in my life some of them being first time motherhood, loss of business, and marriage break up - all within a period of 12 months in a pandemic.

Transcending old states of disempowerment only to create unprecedented results in all areas of life was truly the most priceless element of Elizabeth’s support. Elizabeth played a critical role in creating an upleveled trajectory of success in my business and finding my true genius as a mother and as a business owner creating my life on my own terms. That’s what she calls Limitless Creation!

Today Elizabeth is supporting many of my clients and friends who are ready to no longer have their past hinder their future potential. I will be forever grateful Liz!

I will be forever grateful, Liz!

ela staniak

+ Understand the difference between your mind resisting your creation and your intuition inspiring you with the next step

+ Learn the secret steps to truly creating the life you love

+ Repattern the ‘codes’ that have been past down from generation to generation in your family line

add to your life

It is time to...

+ Integrate all parts of your personality so that you have more clarity within

+ Reconnect with your Inner Child and the Creative Genius that is your true nature

+ Learn the commands to instantly release your ‘conditioned’ identity

+ Become the true creative force in your life and get everything that you desire

Elizabeth, Let's Chat!

You feel stuck in the - ‘I don’t know how’ process and I’ll show you how!

You’ve done workshops and webinars before and still feel stuck - I will give you all the secrets the alchemist know.

You know that if you don’t do something, you will be in the same place a couple of years from now - I show you how to take action and follow through.

You feel your family and personal history can never be resolved and that’s why you can’t move forward - I show you that is not true and this is a crucial part of creating your future.

Wondering if this is right for you? Just ask yourself if you can relate to the following:

Have a low level of commitment to your own growth

Believe that this is all you are capable of achieving

Are OK with living the routine

This is not for you if...

Feel stuck and ready to get out of your own way

Know in your heart that there is more and you are ready to awaken your genius

Are committed to living the life you dream of 

This is for you if You ...

Ready to get started?

You will feel your true potential within. The empowered creative spirit will start to emerge. You now have the knowledge and wisdom of how to create whatever your heart desires and you become sovereign. 



Once you identify what is holding you back, we can then show you how to shift it permanently so that you can grow into the best version of yourself. Your creative genius will start to blossom. 

Expansive Growth



You will understand what makes you think, feel and believe you are stuck and how this is not who you are. Our internal conflict creates the results we get in our life. Through this process you will see the full potential you have within. The seed of your creative genius.


You will experience the freedom of being the predominant creative force within your own life. Making your own decisions from inspired intuition rather than past patterning of concern, fear and doubt. Can you feel the strength and empowering expression of this already?


You will learn how to focus your energy so you are aligned with the life you choose to create - a life you love!  


You will experience the joy and fulfillment of living your true destiny. How enriching it will be to look back on your life knowing you lived to your fullest expression and achieved all your heart desired.


You will naturally align with your soul-driven purpose with passion and direction. Discovering how to take the obvious next steps in your creation story.


You will experience more adventure in your life, on your terms. Play, fun, laughter and self-nurturing are all aspects of the feminine that naturally align when you clear your identity from generational wounding and become the empowered feminine warrior within your personal and professional life. 


Subconscious Patterns

By the end of this program you will Uncover:

You will learn how to increase your intuition and distinguish the difference between your intuition and your sabotage beliefs. You will discover how to live your life in alignment with your intuition that will guide you to create all your heart desires.


Natural leadership follows. When you become the sovereign being that you are, you naturally guide others to follow. You are the example of empowerment and many are drawn to you naturally.


You will experience a clear, focused direction that you naturally align with. No thoughts, just clear steps to follow.


You will naturally become aware when your limited identity tries to take over (and it will because it’s our default mechanism) and master acknowledging it and then shifting your focus back to your creative orientation. 

Mindset Mastery

You will discover natural alignment with your intuitive nature. Aligning with your creative being and let go of the identity that held you captive for so long.


Living with passion and fulfillment is a natural state when you align with your intuitive nature. You will discover the joy this brings to your everyday life and live the best version of yourself.

Passion fulfillment

You will learn how you are living from your subconscious conditions. Past programs and patterns that are holding you back from discovering your true nature and purpose and how to get your subconscious to say YES to your creative future.

Fundamentals #1

Fundamentals #2

Fundamentals #3

Ready to go all in? Let's do this!


6-month Conscious Creator Access

VIP Program also available!

We go through a process called ‘re-coding’ where we shift the limitation and resistance from the quantum field of information. As there is no resistance at this level, it transforms instantly, therefore you will feel and see the difference in your life. I teach you how to do this for yourself, so that you can clear the limitation when it arises.

How can my limiting beliefs be changed instantly?


Yes! There are other options to work with me. I have a few courses available and also do individual coaching.


At the moment, everything is online so that we can support women all around the world. There are no plans to change this yet.


We know that life can be busy. This mastermind is designed so you have access to all sessions in your back end library. You can watch the recordings at any time and they are just as effective. We have had women put them on just before bed and fall asleep during the recodes. They have still achieved results and created the life they love.  

What if I don’t come onto the live sessions?


Have Questions? 

Are there any in-person events?

Can I work with you if Conscious Creator Mastermind doesn’t work for me?

I've got answers

Living in the creative orientation - designing your life

Being guided by your creative genius

Knowing you are the choosing how your life unfolds

to this...

Problem-solving your life

Listening to your subconscious

Feeling powerless to how life happens

you'll go from...

After Finishing 

I'm all in. sign me up!

If you can feel the calling within your heart to embody your full magnificence then tap below and let’s bring the dream into your world now.  

Awaken your true, authentic nature + Connect to your higher wisdom + Create the life or business that you were destined to live.

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Private 1:1 Intuitive Re-connection Coaching Package 

Conscious Creator Business Program - 6 month

Conscious Creator - 6 month option

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